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Principal's Message

The message from Principal Hui
I am so glad to be the new principal of Bui O Public School starts from this academic year. I hope everyone will keep working hard to build up the warmest learning environment of our school.
Every child is a gift from our God. They are unique and valuable. I believe that they have different potential and abilities. Since children have only one childhood in his or her life, it is very important to provide quality educational opportunities for them. As a teacher, I believe that school is one of the most significant places for our children. Children are educated inside and outside the classroom. Hence, we should use love and peace to build up relationship among teachers and students based on the standpoints of Bible. Teacher should well-behave herself to influence her students in order to show the truth and love of our God. Nowadays, children are facing different conflicts and challenges on the value judgment in our society. As a school, teachers should build up confident and positive attitude among students.
        As a school leader, I strongly believe that a sustainable change or improvement on teaching and learning is necessary in schools. Principal needs to control all the variables of the school in order to maintain the quality of teaching and the reasonable students’ learning outcome. I agree that teacher is the significant person in the lesson and directly influences the students’ learning. Hence, as an effective school, the principal should distribute the leadership and shared function in school so teachers can become leaders to lead their colleagues and students to learn in a more effective way. We should try to merge the structure and culture together since the structure of the school and the culture norms can influence the improvement of a school.
        Moreover, leadership is not the only responsibilities of the principal. Everyone is the leader at school no matter they influence the students’ learning directly or indirectly. Leadership happened everywhere inside school. Distributed leadership is the key element of an effective school. The principal can’t influence the classroom learning directly but she can modify the structure of the school in order to create a structural environment for teachers to collaborate and focus on improving students’ learning as their accountability themselves. The school will build up its own culture through the development of the structure. The combination of the structure and culture of the school has significant effect on students’ learning through the collaboration and dialogue among teachers. As a member of Bui O family, let’s work hard and keep improving in the coming future!